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Venue Finding


Finding the right venue is fundamental to the success of your event but it can be time-consuming, frustrating and costly. Using our service eliminates the requirement for you to research and contact venues yourself, so it will save your company time and money

Meetings & Events are venue-finding experts and we will quickly source a choice of venues according to your brief and budget.

Our venue finding services are FREE to you as we are supported by the venues and suppliers we book. This does not mean that the prices we propose are inflated; far from it - with our buying power and industry contacts we are able to negotiate better rates and added value on your behalf.


Our experienced team have long-established relationships with venues in the UK and internationally which enables them to negotiate the best rates and added value, making your budget go further.

We are always fully up-to-date with latest industry news and events and we utilise a number of industry tools for venue finding so we are not limited to any particular source or listing.

We employ a state-of-the-art industry booking system which enables us to quickly process venue bookings and produce comprehensive professional documents for proposals, confirmations and amendments.

We adopt a proactive approach to managing our regular accounts and aim to identify any opportunities for achieving savings for clients e.g. by negotiating specific rates for frequently used/preferred venues or brands, negotiating added value, co-ordinating brand reward/loyalty schemes etc.

Comprehensive MI reporting tailored to clients' specific requirements, e.g conference or accommodation spend by department / booker / chain / venue, savings achieved against published and negotiated rates etc.

Our free venue finding service also incorporates event supplier sourcing, individual HOTEL RESERVATIONS and our administrative support (liaising with your chosen venue/s and event suppliers on your behalf to give you continuity and one point of contact from start to finish).


We frequently source venues and assist in co-ordinating all types of events:

Conferences & AGMs
Training Courses, Workshops
& Assessment Centres
Product Launches, PR Events, Roadshows
Dinner Events & Award Ceremonies
Incentive Schemes
Team Building, Away Days and Fun Days


CONTACT US now to discuss your requirements and receive a free, no obligation proposal.

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